Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Odd Puppy Proposal?

Max was basically asked to father some puppies today. After work today, we took Max for a little walk through a park in Mountain View. We ran into a man with a little Yorkshire Terrier dog. Max and the little dog greeted each other with the usual sniffing and tail wagging. Since Max is half Yorkie, he and this little girl doggy had similar features aside from the fact that she was much smaller than him and his schnauzerish features like the mini beard. The man got extremely excited to see Max and immediately started evaluating him. "Please tell me he's a boy", "He's got the right coloring!", "His ears! He has the right ears", and "What a cute couple you two make". At first we thought he was just trying to compliment our dog's features and his cuteness, until he started telling us about how his dog was "in heat". Actually...he told us this several times. He also mentioned how he had given her a bath, how it was okay when they were sniffing each other and again...that she was in heat and how perfect his coloring was. The "go ahead" was a bit odd also.

But the kicker was probably when he found out that Max was about 11 months old and said, "It's okay...she is very experienced." What does that even mean??

So we excused ourselves and continued on our walk. I probably should have told the man that Max is fixed. :)


thomashan said...

Oh man... that is too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! -nes