Monday, November 05, 2007

Dodged another bullet

I changed my last name a couple of years ago when I got married. I also moved to a new house about 6 months ago. Apparently I forgot to inform the county about both of these changes. When some of my mail is sent to my old address, the post office forwards it to my new address...this takes several days (or longer?). Today after work, I went through my mail that arrived today and there was a forwarded letter from the county calling me in for jury duty. Aw man. Jury duty? I opened up the letter to read the date that I have to report...which Oops! I called the automated line, entered in my juror number and waited wondering what will happen now since I completely missed another call of jury duty. To my surprise and relief, the automated system told me I had fulfilled my jury duty and am excused for another year!

Phew! Looks like next year I won't be able to get out of it again. I promise I'll be good and ready next year.

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sarah said...

kimmy, you are so lucky- i have to report to jury duty tomorrow in oakland. i have been depressed all day about it. uggh.