Friday, November 16, 2007

My most prized an emergency

We came back to the hotel to rest after our busy day of exploring D.C. While relaxing on the couches, the emergency alarm suddenly went off. It took us both a second to realize what was happening when I stood up and said, "Let's go!". Bertrand looked at me thinking something happened to my computer while I was playing on it. Then we both said, "Oh my goodness! This is real." A voice came over the intercom saying an emergency was reported and all the guests needed to evacuate using the stairs and to avoid the elevator. We grabbed what we could within the few seconds we had, and joined the rest of the guests going down the 7 flights of stairs. Once we got outside, the hotel staff let us know that we could all go back up to our rooms. Some of the folks throwing an event in the reception hall were burning something and couldn't get it out of the room before all the alarms went off.

What would you grab if you only had a few seconds to evacuate your hotel room not knowing if you'd be coming back? Me? I grabbed my laptop, cameras, phone, and unknowingly....sunglasses, oh yes, and my husband. I guess in those few seconds I had to react, I just grabbed my sunglasses automatically without even realizing it. Once we were standing outside in the cold, I looked down and realized I had hooked them onto my shirt.

So if the hotel went up in flames or exploded from some least I know my eyes are protected.


nicolieliz said...

i'd probably grab my sevens and citizens... perfect jeans are hard to replace!

Joie Dong said...

after losing your other sunglasses...i'd grab these ones too! :)