Friday, February 02, 2007

Where is winter?

I am going to Tahoe this weekend to go snowboarding but hasn't snowed in awhile. It has been a pretty warm dry winter for us. We had a couple days of freezing temperatures, but no rain, hence no snow. How sad.

According to weather reports, the next few days are going to be springlike temperatures, even reaching 70! Mr. Groundhog tells me that spring is coming early this year too.

Am I missing something here? Did we even have a winter this year?


Anonymous said...

Dear Kimbalina,

On Januari 16 you wrote:


I just came from hot humid weather to below freezing temperatures??? So cold that even our pipes froze over this morning.

Ah! Major temperature shock!

And now you 'complain' it is too warm?

kimbalina said...


Very true. Isn't there always something to complain about? ;)

I acknowledged that we've had some very cold days...but that doesn't change the fact that there is no snow for me to snowboard on. So instead, I will pout. :)