Thursday, February 15, 2007

I've got mail

I used to get my mail and packages delivered right to my desk in my old building. Over time, I have gotten most of my mail and all of my packages and only a few times have I had to request for something to be re-sent to me. I moved to a new building a few weeks ago and naively assumed that the mail delivery was the same over here.

I went down to the garage today to put my gym bag into my car and on the way back saw the mailroom and thought I would peek inside to see what it looked like. Then I walked over to the section where my name would be if it were here, only to find that I have a mailbox! Not only do I have a mailbox...that I have been completely oblivious to...a mailbox overflowing with mail!

There I found magazines, cards from friends, and a year's worth of phone bills dating back to February of 2006.


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biL said...

you're such a nerd!