Monday, February 12, 2007

Time to clean those lenses

Last weekend while finishing up our day of snowboarding, Bertrand and I discussed which runs we wanted to take down to get back to The Village. We had been trying various combinations of the runs throughout the day, alternating between the different lifts.

Bertrand: Which run do you want to take down?
Me: Let's take the first one on the right....La Honda.
Bertrand: Ax Handle?
Me: No....La Honda.
Bertrand: Ax Handle?
Me: Why do you keep saying Ax Handle when I keep saying La Honda? They sound nothing alike.

So he pulls out his trail map and asks me to point out which run I was talking about. As I'm analyzing the map...I don't see La Honda. But I swear I saw it the last few runs down. Maybe this trail map is old and they haven't updated it with this new La Honda run. So again Bertrand says, "Ax Handle?" at which point I get very annoyed and roll my eyes at him. "Yes...La Honda. Just follow me."

I asked him what he would give me when we got to the run and he saw La Honda. He said nothing...maybe a kiss. What? Psh. So at this is about pride. I'll show you La Honda.

I boarded down ahead of him as he followed closely behind me. We came up to the intersection and I spotted my sign and had a huge smile on my face as I victoriously point it out to him and turn to laugh. Then as my board is sliding closer....I I need to get my eyes checked. Not La Honda....Ax Handle.


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