Saturday, February 17, 2007


Look at that face

Max's new toys

Max and Toby


My little man


Cheyenne Amero said...

Hi Kimmy!
I've been reading your page for quite a while now, but have never commented. Then I saw baby Maxwell! He's just the sweetest, most snorgleable little critter ever! He's BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations! And I'm sure Toby will make an excellent big brother! =)

maitai said...

oh my god, SO CUTE!! i can't believe you made him wear clothes and a hat :)

sarah said...

Kimbalina- max is the cutest dog ever! i love his outfit choices too:) i cant wait to meet him!!!

Bryan said...

oh my .. what have you done to the poor dog. No you have to come up with a Max voice.

kimbalina said...

Thanks for the comments!

"most snorgleable little critter ever" Love it Cheyenne! :)

And to everyone else...haha...yeah I had to dress him up to accentuate even more his cuteness.