Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Year old cake

Wedding Cake TopThere is an old tradition where couples who get married save the top tier of their wedding cake and freeze it for a year. Then on their one year anniversary, they take the cake out and eat it together in commemoration of their wedding day. A lot of people have asked us if we actually kept this tradition, how'd it taste, was that weird? Here are the answers to your undying questions:

Is that really your wedding cake?

Yes, on our wedding day, the coordinators boxed up the top for us before the rest of the cake was cut and my parents took it home to preserve for us. The box was actually too big for our own freezer so my parents graciously kept it for us in their freezer and pulled it out to defrost the day before we came home from Hawaii.

Did you really eat it?

One Year Anniversary Cake Eating Well...we pulled it out, took some pictures, and took a forkful of the middle part to eat. After the pictures and one bite, we agreed we would throw it away. It was pretty frozen! I could actually knock on the outside of the cake.

How did it taste after being frozen for a year?

Tasted like frozen wedding cake.

Was it worth it?

I am a sucker for traditions. I like them and think they are cute. If so many before us have kept the tradition, who are we to break it? So yes...it was worth it. It was a cute thing to do and added a little excitement and fun to the day. I'm just glad it wasn't a tradition to pull the same cake out every year of marriage. Ick.


Spanish guy said...

Where this tradition come from?

kimbalina said...

I'm not sure...it is just something I've always known. =)

But this article might better explain it.

MamaJudy said...

I've heard of this tradition too so this last month my husband, of 20 years,and I had our own "wedding". We called it the reaffirmation ceremony and made a few tweaks to make it funny and audienc participating. We have our cake top frozen as we speak and plan on thawing it out next year just as you did. I think I would have thawed it longer if you really wanted to get the full effect of the cake. Hope you guys have as nice a "20 yr" anniversary as we did.
Judy Riddle
Reaffirmation Ceremony

kimbalina said...

Aw that's sweet. Congratulations!

We thawed our cake a couple of days but it had that thick layer of sugar coating that some wedding cakes have to look smooth. We pulled that part off! =)

Countertop said...

we kept meaning to do that.

but we kept forgetting.

Finally had the cake on our 5th anniversary. My mother in law prepared it (read: deforsted it) for us. It tasted exactly as it did on our wedding: too sweet for me.

But we ate the whole thing along with my brother (best man) and sister in law (maid of honor) and also got around to using the espresso and ice cream machines we also recieved.

I thought it was a bit corny at first, but in hindsite is a real nice tradition. If I could just find an excuse to use the 3 different fondue sets we recieved (and which are still - 8 years later - sitting unopened taking up room in our kitchen) my life will finally be complete.

Want my cake & eat it too! said...

Our First Year Anniversary is in 4 days, by the comments I read above, it sounds like 2 days is not enough to properly defrost the cake. What do you think, how long should I defrost?

Please reply soon!!! :)

kimbalina said...

Maybe try 3 or 4 days? I'm sure it depends on your cake also. We had a fondant layer to the top of our cake which is what took the longest to defrost.

Anonymous said...

My parents saved our cake and we all had some on the 1st Anniversary it tasted like it did on our Wedding day. We still could not eat the sugar bells - they were not sugar. The cut edge was a little dried out but the rest was good. If it would have been wrapped better it would not have dried out. It really touched our hearts to remember a year before, in this way. We still remember eating it 32 years ago.