Wednesday, September 20, 2006


While getting dressed this morning, I noticed that a pair of cute, but very painful to wear, heels would have matched perfectly with my outfit. I did a little mind calculation about if it would be worth it to wear them today and thought about how many meetings I would actually have to walk to. In the end, cuteness won over comfort.

I made it through the walk from my car to Starbucks, from my car to the shuttle stop, and the shuttle stop to my desk. Now my feet are killing me. Thank goodness for my pair of Crocs I leave at work (which are incredibly ugly, but SO comfortable).


Anonymous said...

hahaha! i do the same exact thing! i always go for comfort cause i know i'll be hurting if i'm wearing a pair of cute painful shoes and i'm walking more than normal! gwen46 (of flickr)

yuri said...

Heh. Now you know why comfort goes first :)

Time to change the entire outdoor outfit to suit Crocs or other comfy shoes, eh? :)

Anonymous said...

You get my entire sympathy... I just felt the same this morning. And now it's hurts.. Aouch!

Art said...

We just each bought a pair of Croc's flip flops while in Maui! We LOVE them.... :-)