Wednesday, September 13, 2006


We went on a much needed vacation to island of Oahu in Hawaii to relax and to celebrate our one year anniversary. The weather was absolutely perfect and warm. We got to spend time relaxing, playing, and exploring the island. It was great.

While we were in Hawaii....we....

relaxed on the beaches of Waikiki
Sunset at Waikiki Beach

swam in the ocean
In the sea

shopped at the International Market

were humbled by Pearl Harbor

had a Mai Tai where it was created at the Mai Tai bar
Mai Tai from the Mai Tai Bar where it was created

swam with the fishies

had Pineapple yogurt at the Dole Plantation

ate tons of food including fresh tropical fruit, hawaiian shaved ice and shrimp from a shrimp truck

and boogied the whole time
Let's boogie


ilovedesign said...

whoua... great photos... and great holidays!

Art said...

What FUN!! :-) We're off to Maui next week! I can't wait.... :-)