Thursday, December 04, 2003

What a small world we live in. A couple of months ago, I was showing Bertrand my pictures from the Blogger offsite. All of a sudden he goes, 'Hey! I know that guy! It's Rudy!' and points at one of my coworkers. He asked me his name and sure enough, it seemed like it was the same guy. I emailed the guy the next day to ask him if he had ever worked for a small start up a couple of years ago and knew a guy named Bertrand and whaddya, they used to work together. They were both pretty excited to hear from each other after losing contact when the company started to go downhill. Today, Bertrand came to pick me up from work to go to see TSO in concert and came up to check out the new place. I was showing him around the kitchen when all of a sudden he goes, 'Rudy!'. There was Rudy in one of the meeting rooms sitting in on a meeting. Rudy doesn't work in my building but happened to be there at that time for a meeting, which happened to be the same time that Bertrand ever visited me at work, and we happened to walk right by the room he was in. There are millions of people working in the tech industry and thousands of companies to work for. What are the chances of Bertrand and Rudy, who worked together at a 30 person start-up a couple of years ago to meet again because I happened to show my boyfriend pictures from my offsite? Apparently, the chances are pretty good. =)

I just got back from a really great concert. We went to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra perform at the Flint Center in Cupertino. This group plays classical music mixed with electric guitars, keyboards and orchestral instruments. I have been in the Christmas spirit since July, but after tonight, I'm even more so after hearing some of my favorite christmas songs rocked up. Sometimes artists don't sound as great in concert as they do on CD, but this group sounded even better. My ears are still ringing and I feel like I'm underwater from the blasting electric guitars but it was worth it. How could I not love cute tuxedo wearing guys rocking away on their electric guitars?

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