Wednesday, November 12, 2003

My site host is terrible.

My site has been going down every so often. Apparently they are doing some 'server upgrades' or whatever, but did not notify their users of these problems. Not until I realized that my site was rarely working. My webmail got moved and was not notified of where they moved to. I checked their help pages several times (being a fellow support person) in order to try to find a resolution before contacting them. No luck. I went onto their site again today and saw some 'FYI's' and updates on help. The site indicated that the paths had changed to a specific path that they indicated on the site. I entered this in and still no luck. I ended up just doing my own trouble shooting and correcting the problem myself.

I hope my one year contract is over and soon to be over. Eekman is pushing for me to switch to DreamHost. As soon as these people respond to me, I'm going to find out how much longer I have on this contract so that I can move.

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