Sunday, November 23, 2003

I went to a Spa for a morning of pampering today. I've never done this sort of thing before and my wonderful boyfriend gave me a gift certificate to the local spa to have my first experience. I made the appointments for an hour of a pampering facial and then an hour for a swedish massage. Everything was so nice and relaxing, it truly made me forget about where I was and all of the things that were going on around me. I walked in and felt a little out of place at first. All of the other ladies there seemed to be 'experienced' with this sort of thing and knew exactly what they were supposed to do and where to go. I changed into my robe and then went out to the lounge and sat in a big comfy chair pretending to be relaxed while I listened to the two other women in the room discuss Michael Jackson and his ordeal. We all sipped our juices and ate our fruit until called individually to our rooms. The facial was very relaxing and different. It felt great until the lady started to poke, pinch, and scrape at my nose and my forehead to clean out my pores. I tried so hard not to flinch everytime she scraped something from my nose. There must have been a lot of junk in my pores because she worked on that section for a while. I have some little red marks all along my my nose, forehead, and chin now. After that I went in for my massage which was more than relaxing. The hour breezed by and I wished that it could have gone on another hour. Overall, it was a totally new experience for me and very enjoyable. Thank you honey.

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