Wednesday, September 25, 2002

One more day and my summer is over. :( boohoo. Oh how I will miss the days of working 9-5 (really), going out to lunch with my IET buddies (after the endless debate on where to go), hanging out playing NERTS with the roomies, taking pictures with the webcam (sometimes videos *cough* *cough*...right dani boy?), going out and staying up until the wee hours of the morning....

Looking back, this summer has actually lasted a long time. Seems like ages ago when I stood in front of a bunch of nervous transfer/freshmen students for Summer Advising, played Text-Twist, and chit chatted with the ITX boyz. I even took a couple of classes the first part of summer and got to know a few very neat people. Back at work we've had some interesting times too...spending an entire day in a little room with the same people, you're bound to see and hear some pretty funny things. :) Some of the comments were so funny that we began writing down all the random quotes that were said on a piece of paper that hangs on the wall. Yesterday, I created a new project for myself to put that random quotes paper on the web so that each time something new was said, we could add it in a nice easy-to-use format that could be updated easily rather than scribble it on a piece of paper hanging on the wall. Hmm...wonder if I could get away with doing that on work time. heehee...just kidding.

This summer has been quite eventful. It's consisted with a lot of ups and many downs as well. The downs have been very hard and made me question a lot of things in my life, but they also led me to realize how great the good things were. I got to see how a good friend would be there just to sit with me, cry with me, wipe away my tears and snot (thanks Aldy), laugh with me, and just be there to be my friend not only for the happy days but also the sad days. And I know more now than ever that it is one of the greatest things when your parents stop being your parents but become your greatest friends. Family and close friends are more valuable to me now more than ever and I know that have gained more than I have lost.

I discovered new things, new places (Frys) heehee... and had a blast overall. I got to play around with my webpage, learned an unbelievable amount of stuff at work, learned to play Blackjack at a casino (BAD Sharene! BAD!), got to show my ID for the first time at a bar. I'd say this has been a pretty good summer. :)

There have been many memories made that will be remembered for years to come. Although I don't want it to end...I guess I'll be ready for my classes to begin. After all, only 3 more quarters and counting until I graduate! I might as well get crackin' on it, right?

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