Thursday, September 12, 2002

I went to Frys Electronics for the first time today. According to Dan, I am now "officially the last person in the Bay Area to have gone to Fry's." I've heard so much about it and when I pass by, the parking lot is always full, so I figured, let's see what all the fuss is about. I must say, it was quite overwhelming! I felt kind of lost and not really sure where I was supposed to be going. Rather than the usual leisurely shopping patrons, all of these people seemed to know what they needed, came in, got it, and then left. I just wanted to look around! heehee. So I decided I need to find a webcam, a cheap alternative to the expensive digital cameras, so that I could get pics up on the web quickly for my ebay auctions. I guess I looked as lost as I felt because this nice man came up to me asking if he could help me. In his words, "You look very confused." haha...great way to make a first impression on the supposed "greatest electronics store." So the man helped me pick out a nice little webcam that has interchangeable face plates. Then he goes and prints up this random paper for me with the price of my webcam, and I'm again confused about if I'm supposed to be paying him there or at the registers... Of course, I don't want to let him in on my confusion, thanked the nice man and continued to wander around the huge store. I found my way to the DVDs and picked up The Conte of Monte Cristo and then looked for the place where I was supposed to pay. In the distance I saw a bunch of counters with numbers, but I couldn't see very many heads because of the racks of candy and magazines, so I decided to head towards that direction. There was a long line of people so I stood in the back making my way down this aisle. Now I've always heard people talk about buying a new computer, buying cd-rs, a digital camera, printers, etc. at Frys, but never have I heard of people buying pantyhose or dental floss at Frys. I am not kidding you, as I wait in this line at the electronics store to pay, I passed by displays of pantyhose, dental floss, toothpaste, bubblegum, chocolates... I thought this was an electronics store and all of a sudden I feel like I'm at Walmart. :) So I made it to the front of the line where there was a sign showing that a green light means "go" and a red light means "stop." Uh....hello! I guess there are more clueless shoppers out there than I thought. :) But I made it safely home and my first trip to Frys was a success.

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