Wednesday, September 11, 2002

I am on my much needed VACATION!!! I really needed some time to get away and take my mind off of everything that's been going on. So on my break from work and school I decided to go home and spend the time with family. My brother is leaving for UCLA next week, so I've been spending some quality time with the family. :) Got a chance to go shopping in Gilroy at the outlets, but honestly, I think that good ole' Vacaville outlets are much better. Also got a chance to go through the house and do some cleaning. Our house has always been pretty clean, but I went through the cupboards and closets cleaning out things that we don't use anymore. I have decided that, "less is more." Anything that we haven't used in a long time, or probably won't ever use again, I put aside to either give away or sell on e-bay. So right now I have my first selling item up on ebay. Let's see if anyone decides to buy it... In the meantime, I am just enjoying having no responsibilities and being able to wake up whenever my body feels like it. Oh...vacation.

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