Wednesday, August 13, 2008

max mixup

hi little beard

Max made his first visit to Palantir with me today. He had so much fun learning his new surroundings and making new friends (both people and dog types).

His presence is also causing some fun humor and confusion for those of us sitting around here...

While talking with one of my coworkers here about how she should have her desk height adjusted, one of us mentioned the name of another coworker who could help her. I then saw Max walk towards her desk and without separating the two conversations said, "Is he over there with you now? I think you have a new admirer." She immediately lifted her head and looked around in panic thinking that the "desk fixer" was an admirer given that I didn't separate the different train of thoughts.

Immediately after, another coworker was talking with Max saying, "No...we don't share lunches. You have to go get your own." The fellow sitting next to her looked up and said, "Huh? Why not?"

haha. Oh Maxipoo. You are causing so much confusion today.

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