Wednesday, August 20, 2008

are you eating butter?

I have a pack of Lemon Hi-Chew yummy chewy candies sitting on my desk. Earlier today, I took a bite of one of the candies and put the rest back on the wrapper. One of my co-workers came over to my desk to talk about something, looked down, and said, "Are you eating butter?" and points at my yellow candy. I started laughing and pointed at the candy pack and said, "No, it's Hi-Chew. You thought I was eating...BUTTER???" Then he shrugs and says, "I don't know what pregnant women eat. Maybe it helps with the pregnancy or something."


Erica said...

when I read the head-word, I was really curious. I was awaiting some opinion poll about butter eating in your company or something like that:o)
But this is much more better than I expected. I'm just wondering how would butter help you during your pregnancy:o)

Graham said...

Actually, I know some people who would eat straight butter. Stranger things have happened. :-)

Still, I'd go for the Hi-Chews myself, if I had a choice.

KIANNA said...

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