Thursday, August 14, 2008

I love *yawn* the Olympics

Man, are the Olympics great or are they great?

I always get so excited when the Olympics are on. Pretty much as far back as I can remember...and sometimes further back than I can remember. I was talking to Bertrand the other night telling him about how great some event in the olympics were awhile back recalling all the details to him, when he interrupted me and asked how I could possibly remember that considering the fact that it occurred before I was born. Hmm. Yeah...not sure about that one. Maybe my mom so vividly described it to me over the years that I somehow felt like I was actually there and felt the same excitement she did watching it.

Given that I am now eating, drinking, sleeping for three people, I am pretty pooped by the end of the day (or really all day, every day). But given the Men's swimming relay race the other night (wow!) and just so many other amazing moments, it has been sooo worth it staying up those extra couple of hours, despite the fact that I feel like I'm about ready to fall asleep for eternity. And I know I could record it and watch it later...but that seems useless when the next morning, all the news stations are giving the recaps and replaying the exciting moments. I want to see it happen before I start hearing results and seeing clips.

Anyways, thank you Mr. cutie-patootie Michael Phelps and the women's gymnastics for making me even more tired than I already am. I complain, but really, I so love it.

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Annie said...

I don't blame you... who doesn't love the Olympics?!