Sunday, December 16, 2007

White Elephant Holiday Game Night

We had a little Holiday Party/White Elephant/Game Night game night on Friday night. We lit a fire in our fireplace for the first time, got out the food, and gathered some of our closest friends for some fun and laughter. It was a great time having our friends from all areas of our lives come together.

White Elephant Game Night

We had a great time playing some crazy group games...and even ended up singing and acting out clues. Then of course...the white elephant. The best gifts? Probably the giant remote control, the Google Dog Calendar, and the toilet seat cover.

We also celebrated Bertrand's upcoming birthday!

Happy Birthday Bertrand!


thomashan said...

hey Kimmy,

Good to see ya again since the wedding :-)

Thanks for having us over! We had lots of fun. Oh no, didn't get to try the popcorn.

Next time we have game night, you guys gotta try to make it down.

happy holidays.

kimbalina said...

It was fun having you guys!

And yeah...we totally forgot about the fresh popcorn upstairs!