Friday, December 07, 2007

My boys, the celebrities

One is not enough Prepmeister

Toby & Max are becoming little dog celebrities.

Google had a little competition for photos for the "Google Dog Calendar". Max won and became "Mr. February". Little did I know, when I went to check out the prototype for the calendar, that Toby got an honorable mention and is one of the dogs on the cover!

If I couldn't be more excited and proud already...

A couple of months ago, I shot a video of Max stripping off his t-shirt. I submitted this to America's Funniest Home Videos. This morning, I got an email from the show saying that Max was being considered to be aired on their show!

What's next? The movies?

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Nathan Weinberg said...

Kim, Nathan from InsideGoogle here. Do you know if the calendar is going to be sold in the Google Store, or at least put online as a PDF? I'm a huge dog lover (and Google lover), and would love to pick one up if they're available to the rest of us.