Friday, December 14, 2007


We went to see Kooza - Cirque Du Soleil in San Francisco last night. It was a great show and amazing as all the Cirque Du Soleil shows are.

We've seen quite a few of these shows and this was the first one I have ever been to where there were actual accidents and mishaps during the show of daring acts. Usually...there are close calls, which help lead to the excitement of the amazing things the performers can do, but not actual accidents.

In last night's show, there wasn't just one mishap...there were several! Luckily all the performers were able to recover or repeat and seemed to be fine. In the tight rope act, one man jumped over another one on the rope. He didn't quite land right and missed the tiny rope and fell only to save himself by grabbing onto the rope and then pulling himself back up - sans his hat. In the acrobatic act with the seesaw-trampoline type thing...there were two men, one standing on the other's shoulders, and a third was going to jump on top of those two. He missed and ended up knocking the top guy in the head, getting caught by one foot, then hanging upside down until others came to rescue him. My nerves were totally shot.

Despite how much I did enjoyed the show, Ka is still my all time favorite Cirque show with O following closely behind.

Can't wait to make our next Vegas trip to catch a couple more...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kimmy: I read a review this AM of Kooza and it said that the accidents were not accidents; They were deliberate to tease the audience! They got you! Regards..