Monday, December 17, 2007

Time to do nothing, plan nothing

I am going on a 6 week leave from work. It has been quite a long trek. My personality is to always be on top of everything, to always have a plan, and to go-go-go. Even my awesome vacations and trips, are full of activities and fun (not complaining!). I'm tired. I'd like to learn how to do nothing.

Everyone keeps asking what I am planning to do. Travel? Take a class? Visit people?

Maybe a little bit of everything. I want to learn to be better at photography. I want to sleep. I want to learn to cook more dishes. I want to scrapbook. Or maybe nothing.

My plan? My plan is to plan nothing. If at the end of this 6 weeks I can say that I have done nothing and planned nothing, I will have succeeded in my goal for this time.


haw1144 said...

lets go shooting!

and um... bring a friend :)

sarah said...

kimmy- im really excited for you! i'm also thrilled that this coincides with my new school schedule- let's do lots of brunches, lunches....or whatever:)