Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Nodding off

Last night, I stopped at The Hub and got a little bag of popcorn to munch on before hopping on my bus home. Once I got onboard, the bus was pretty crowded so I had to sit in an aisle seat next to another fellow shuttle rider. I guess my day caught up with me and I nodded off. Literally. It was almost an out of body experience where I could feel and tell what was happening and that my head was flopping around all over the place, but had no control of it. It is also very possible that I may have fallen onto my fellow seat sharer. That added onto my sporadic jerking as I'd wake up probably didn't help either. He never said anything to me as I tried to gather myself when arriving at my destination. Relieved to be off the bus and away from onlookers, I got in my car and pulled down my mirror to see how sleepy I looked. And what do you know....I had some popcorn stuck to my lip.

Oh boy.

My goal is to try to sit next to the same man on the way home today and be an extra good rider so that he doesn't think I have completely lost it. A cup of coffee beforehand might help too.

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