Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Nerdy kid

While discussing some birthday plans, I mentioned to Bertrand how when I was little, my uncle would take me to the toy store and tell me to pick anything I wanted in the store. I told him how excited I was every year for that and how it seemed like such a huge thing that I could pick ANYTHING.

Bertrand: "What'd you pick?"

Me: " year I got a globe. Another year an Encylopedia."

*moment of silence*

Me: "Weird...I had the whole toy store at my disposal and I picked a globe and an encylopedia. haha!"

Bertrand: "Nerd."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like he was a cool Uncle.

Licio said...

Wow, It sounds so nerd!

Anonymous said...

Oh, but a cute Nerd...:)