Friday, August 31, 2007

I miss wearing shoes

About a month ago, I clumsily kicked the post to my bed with the inside of my right foot. I fell down in excruciating pain and limped around for a day or two. The foot turned a dark purple and swelled up. From that moment on, I had to wear flip-flops on a daily basis since it hurts to wear shoes and they no longer fit the same way. Last week or so, I realized that the foot was still in pain, still bruised, and in place of the swelling was a new little hard "bump" jutting out of my foot.

Probably not a good thing...

So I got x-rayed finally last week and turns out that I have a bone bruise. No fun! At least it's not broken or more serious.

I can't wait till the bump dies down so I can start wearing normal shoes again!


Anonymous said...

I know your pain..I had surgery on my right leg and can't wait to wear shoes again...My bandage is bigger then my shoe size.
I hope your swelling goes down better then my ankle ulcer heals.

Graham said...

Goodness, I didn't realize bones could bruise. I hope it feels better soon.