Friday, April 06, 2007

Toby loves Opera

Toby cruisin'Toby has a very unique taste for music. When he is in the room with us, and he hears Opera music coming from the TV, he always runs up to it, tilts his head and stares while wagging his tail. We'd always joked that he loved Opera.

One time, while we were away on a trip and my parents were watching him for us, they called us to tell us that they were watching a movie when an Opera song came up in the background. Toby proceeded to howl along with the music!

Last weekend we went up to Tahoe to spend a couple of days with the family for my dad's birthday. We rented a cabin and brought "the boys" with us. On part of the car ride up, Toby started to freak out and got restless. He whined and wouldn't sit still. Despite our efforts to calm him down, he continued to whine. As a desperate attempt to help him, we turned our satellite radio to the Opera channel. And what do you baby Toby sat down peacefully and smiled the rest of the ride.

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Anonymous said...

Give Max the same education!!