Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Oldies but goodies

Last night my girlfriends were over to hang out and watch our shows together. As we are commenting on the contestants on American Idol, Sarah mentioned that she saw on the electronic billboard outside the county fairgrounds, that "Boyz II Men" are coming to the fair this summer. Suddenly, the three of us are squealing and getting so excited about this magnificent discovery. It was decided on the spot that we were all going. Then we thought about all of our friends who would want to go with us too. All the phones were pulled out and calls were made, text messages were sent, plans for friends-out-of-town to return home were made. Then we realized that our group was getting so large...maybe we would have to create a mass email or even an evite for this "event".

Wait...does that mean we are old when the groups we know and love are now playing at...the county fair?


nicolieliz said...

i love the message... Boyz II Men are coming to the fair, you're coming home! details to follow.

we are getting old. haha.

Jennifer said...

I can't wait for this concert. A count down is definitely in order and a master plan must be made asap. =)

sarah said...

ha ha- that moment was so funny! i still can't believe that:
a) boyz II men are coming to the county fair!
b) they are still together as a group


c) we are prob not going to see anyone younger than us since they are so "1995"!!!!!

i cant wait till they are here!!!!