Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend in Vegas

We went to Las Vegas for the weekend. For no reason in particular, just to get away for a little while, have fun, and relax. We were only there a couple of days but it was quite the fun-filled, extravagant, crowded, beautiful weekend nonethless. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and comfortable, perfect for walking the strip and people watching. After arriving Friday afternoon, we checked into our hotel and then put on our stretchy pants and prepared ourselves for one of the gourmet buffets. Nascar was in town for the weekend so all the hotels were booked solid. Lucky us, due to overbooking, got upgraded to a suite that faced the strip overlooking the Bellagio and Paris. The rest of the weekend was a blur of people, the sound of slot machines, and the extravagant scenery that could only be found in Vegas. We saw two Cirque Du Soleil shows, "O" Friday night and "Mystere" on Saturday. Both were amazing...but Ka is still by far my favorite. We did a ton of walking, sight-seeing, people-watching, but mostly just relaxing.

Fun weekend in Vegas accomplished.

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