Monday, March 05, 2007

Mischievous Max

How is this comfortable?Max is a great puppy. He already has so much personality, is ultra-cuddly, super cute, and very very active. He is truly...a puppy. He is curious about everything he sees and tries to eat everything in sight. Bertrand calls him our little "Hoover" because he sucks up everything that is on the floor in his path. Even after scanning the floors and then vacuuming them, little Max can somehow find some speck of something to eat. He also has a very short attention span. He could be totally engrossed in a toy, hear a noise, and forget what he was doing and move onto finding something else to play with. Today, Max stole my half-full water bottle and happily dragged it to the other side of my office by the cap.

It's a good thing this little boy is cute!

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