Friday, March 30, 2007


Starbucks has taken over the world including the local Safeway. Safeway has an ongoing promotion where you buy 7 Starbucks coffees and you get one free. How perfect. Especially since I'm buying the coffee anyways.

So since this promotion started (I think it's been over a year), I have been getting a lot of my coffee at the Safeway near my house on the way to work.

I've been trying to drink less caffeine as of late and have also been enjoying some of the coffee at work and so haven't been to Starbucks in over a month (the horror!). This morning after dropping Max off for his grooming appointment, I decided I'd give myself a Friday morning treat and picked up a Starbucks at the Safeway across the street. As I waited in line, I noticed the little sign next to the register that my favorite promotion is ending on March 31st. That is TOMORROW!!! And I'm only on my "5 of 7". Shoot!

Bring it back Safeway & Starbucks! Bring it back!

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