Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Whirlwind Weekend

Over the weekend, I went on a marathon run of activities and events.

Drove with the top down to Southern California, soaking up the warm air and sun.

Road Trip

Sweated it out in the sweltering heat with Bugs & Porky.

Bugs, Kimmy, Porky, & Bertrand

Screamed, flipped, turned, flew on the rollercoasters at Magic Mountain.

Magic Mountain

Watched the sunset in La Jolla.

Sunset in La Jolla

Cheered for my cousin at her graduation from UCSD.

Congratulations Diane!

Beamed with pride at my little brother's graduation from UCLA.

Brother & Sister

And lots and lots of family time!

Vincent & Family

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Hasan said...

Congratulations to all concerned!