Thursday, June 08, 2006

Face growing

My friends and I can carry on conversations about nothing.

Me: I saw a guy from our high school class at the street fair. I don't remember his name for the life of me, but he didn't recognize me. Do I look that different?

Jen: don't look that different. When I look at our high school pictures I think we all looked younger but now I think we look the same just a little bit older. It's more like we've grown into our faces.

Me: haha. What? How do you grow into a face?

Jen: Isn't there a saying like that? Like you grow into your ears or your feet. I just thought I would add faces.

Me: I don't think so...You grow into your hands and feet when they're huge and you're small. I don't know how you grow into a face. Did we have huge faces and little bodies?

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Jen said...

"Growing into your face", I'm going to copyright that phrase for us. Don't worry you didn't have a huge face and a little body in high school. I'm a nice friend, I would have told you.