Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Personal Space

Invasion of personal spaceEvery culture has a different perspective on how much personal space to allow between themselves and others. Some cultures like to stand closer to each other when talking while others consider that an invasion of space. Some people have no care for other's personal space whatsoever.

At a graduation this past weekend, Bertrand and I were standing in an empty area on the grass waiting to greet my cousin and celebrate her accomplishment. While we were standing in this empty area, a couple of girls walked right over to where we were standing, plopped down right at Bertrand's feet and sort of leaned on his leg and acted as if nothing was wrong with it. He stood there in complete shock. There was plenty of empty grass area around us, but they chose to sit ON his foot.

We stood there in shock for a bit and then started laughing. I backed up and took a picture as evidence and he refused to move out of "his" space despite there being nobody around us at all a few minutes later. For the next few minutes, the two of them battled out the space until my laughter got more obvious and we gave up the space to walk around.


Andrea said...

I want her life. Can you imagine how comfy the world would be? Every leg is your own private chairback. The floors of public transportation and bleachers would take on a whole new meaning. Your chairback is always warm in the winter. And if you get tired of legs, you can always just sit on someone's lap...pure genius.

Art said...

Next time to warm up for your next outing go to "Ranch 99"! There you will be run over, pushed and elbowed! And that's just at the mushroom bin!!