Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wonder no more

Ever wonder what your dog does all day while you are away at work?

Toby is such a little character when we are home with him, we always wonder...what does he do when we are away? Does he go outside to play and socialize with the other animals in the neighborhood? Does he go around and sniff out all of the interesting things in the yard? Or does he have little doggy parties and clean it all up by the time we get home? Sometimes I ask him what he does all day, but for some reason, he never gives me a straight answer.

Bertrand gave me the greatest surprise one morning when I was having a hectic and stressful morning to help me through my day. He gave me the url of a site and a username/password to get in. And there, was my baby boy Toby at home in our garage. Bertrand set up a webcam with its own server so we could watch Toby throughout the day and see what it is he does all day. It was absolutely adorable.

And what does he do all day?

Absolutely nothing.

With the sun shining outside in the backyard, instead of going outside to enjoy the beautiful weather, my baby chose to curl up in a little ball and sleep the day away. Every once in awhile he would change his sleeping position. Or he would get up, take a little stretch and go right back to bed. Or he'd stand up to get a drink or eat...then, yes, go right back to bed.

What a life.


Anonymous said...

oy! that is the cutest thing ever! big thumbs up to Bertrand for setting that up! -gwen

A DiG said...

Ahhhhh... yes! What a life, indeed!

*BTW, don't suggest to HieRan to set up the same thing here, otherwise you'll see pictures of ME lying around doing nothing... hahaha - shhhh!!*

aerotus said...

He's devotedly waiting for ya guys to get back. How nice.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Toby picks that up from Bertrand. :-) J/K