Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I really enjoy hot food. Both in the sense of temperature and spicyness. It has to almost be burning my tongue but not quite, to really get the full effect. And usually, things are never spicy enough. Earlier, Bertrand and I stopped at Tapioca Express downtown to get some drinks and a little snack. We ordered the little popcorn chicken bites and when the guy asked how spicy I wanted them I said, "spicy-est!" We took our little snack outside and sat at a little table. Once we started eating, I quickly remembered my last experience eating these very same things with Tine and remarking at how these people weren't kidding when they did spicy. After a couple of bites, through my tears and gasping for air, I told Bertrand, "Oh my goodness is this spicy. It's so spicy I can't hear!" And really...I had no idea that those senses were that tied together.


Art said...

Hmmmm....For my taste I prefer the snacks at Verde Cafe on Villa!!;-)

A DiG said...

Yeah, you and HieRan can tolerate a lot of hot food. The best I can do is "medium" salsa... sad, I know. =( Even Mia loves wasabi with her Korean food!!