Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Grown up & Domesticated

You'd think after having a career, being married, owning a house...that I would realize that I am grown up. But no...everything seems to be a big accomplishment or very "grown up" and "grown up" still seems very far away. When getting together with friends and talking about what we have been up to lately, I usually get a "wow, you're so grown up!" or "so domestic!" response. My weekends now consist of doing yard work, cleaning/remodeling the house, paying bills, running errands, planning family events, and talking about our plans for the future and how to prepare for them now. But we're no old fogies just yet. Still lots of time for fun things and going out with friends.

But the crazy part of all of these domestic things? I love every single part of it. Grown up life isn't so bad.

I am going to be a grandma one day and still be astonished at the "grown up" things I'll be doing.

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A DiG said...

That's a very admirable and healthy attitude to have towards being "grown up". You will find that being grown up isn't any less fun than being a young whipper-snapper... it just takes more planning. ;) Just wait until the kids enter the picture!! Yes, of course you'll have more "grown up" responsibilities... but what I'M talking about is seeing everything new through their eyes, and be given the opportunity to enjoy childhood again.

BTW, want to read about your man? Check out MORE FUN WITH DARTS in my Legends Blog. ;)