Friday, May 12, 2006

Shift it up a notch

The weather has been absolutely perfect this past week and since it is Friday...I decided to take advantage of the sunshine and drive into work today in the "fun" car. The fun car meaning I'd have to drive stick shift. I have been taught to drive stick by my (very patient) husband and have been able to drive around with him next to me (so if I freaked out, he could rescue me) without problem. However, the long drive to work in traffic meant I would have to do the stop and go all by myself. Was I up for the challenge? Was the sunshine worth facing my fears? This morning I decided I would drive past the shuttle stop and if my drive that far went well, I would continue on my merry way to work. If I got too nervous, I could stop and take the shuttle. So I started the drive, and got so excited I was doing well...made it all the way to work!

Not too shabby. Well...I did stall once and got honked at. Chill out people...I'm learning.


Bertrand said...

Great job honey!! You were a fast learner... but you also had a good teacher. ;) Love you!

tine said...

k B$... time to teach me! (since you're such a good teacher!)

A DiG said...

nice one K-!! Just make sure B- tells you who taught HIM!!!

*It wasn't me... but still, it'd be nice to know where he learned, right?*

Graham said...

Yeah, getting honked at when you've just killed the engine is about the worst part of learning to drive stick shift. Good for you, though.