Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!

This year has been an incredible year. Talk about monumental year I will never ever forget! I've experienced so many different emotions, done things that I have never done before in my life, seen so many different sites, and learned so much about myself and others. 2005 is when I finally gave into those little indulgences that I always thought about doing, but never did.

Here's a year-end wrap up:
  • Experienced what true friendship and love really means.
  • Started a workout routine that I actually kept.
  • Bought fruit in the middle of the freeway.
  • Tine cheered me on until I was finally able to succeed.
  • Had fun adventures with Nicole.
  • Went line-dancing!
  • Played dodgeball with a bunch of geeky adults.
  • Had a disastrous allergic reaction to something which changed my eating habits for a few weeks.
  • Learned that I cannot read backwards.
  • Learned to play raquetball.
  • Helped Blogger to release a bunch of new features and the launch of BlogSearch.
  • Got trapped in an elevator...and survived my worst nightmare.
  • Traveled to British Columbia, Disneyland, London, Stonehenge, Barcelona, Villefranche, Nice, Monaco, Rome, Naples, Pompei, Florence, Pisa, Venice, Avignon, Le Pontet, Cinque Terre, Lucerne, Paris. (Europe)
  • Attended a couple of conferences: blogher and WITI
  • Learned to ballroom dance!
  • Was thrown a bridal shower.
  • Added a bunch more gadgets to my collection.
  • Scarred myself for life.
  • Oh yeah...minor MARRIED!
  • Settled into my new home.
  • Had one of my teenage fantasies fulfilled.
  • Began my adventures in cooking and actually prepared a feast.
  • Saw my first hockey game and attempted to play in the actual hockey gear.
  • Got to sit at the "adult" table...finally.
  • Learned to appreciate my family and true friends for the foundation that they are to me.
  • Experienced a new level of emotions and what it means to share that with others.
  • Learned what "unconditional" really means.
  • And much much more...

Happy New Year!

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Nicole said...

I feel so special to be mentioned specifically! Here's to a great 2005 and an even better 2006. I ♥ Kimbalina!