Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Doggy Daycare

One is not enoughEver since I got married and moved out of my parent's home, my baby, Toby has been on a Doggy Daycare system. My parent's house is much more attractive to Toby than our house. They've got a spacious yard and people are usually coming in and out of the house during the day. So instead of being lonely at our place, he spends the days over there. On his way to work in the mornings, Bertrand drops Toby off at my parent's house and on the way home from work, either one of us will pick him up to spend the night with us. This makes all involved parties happy. My parents get to spend time with him, he gets to run around in a big yard all day, gets spoiled with attention at night, and gets to take a little road trip twice a day. This just helps us set a nice routine for when we have a few more little ones to drop off at my parent's. =)

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