Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I was just rocking out to the music on my iTunes when Kai came on. Now I am swaying side to side and if I had a lighter, it would be up in the air.

When I was in high school I was obsessed with a music group called Kai. I played their songs on repeat, over and over, especially "Say You'll Stay." When I met Tine, we squealed and screamed together when we found out our mutual love for the same group. We joked about how cool it would be if they sang to us at our weddings (which at that time were far from happening).

Over the years, Kai split up and a few of the original members stayed together and formed a new group, 6th Day.

My girlish fantasies were fulfilled a couple of months ago when, as a huge surprise, Bertrand and his best friend Arnold arranged to have the original members of Kai come and sing for me at my wedding. I had stars in my eyes and was about ready to pass out from sheer joy.

I still have to pinch myself to make myself believe that it was all real.


Anonymous said...

one of the kai's member, i forgot his name, his cousin works at Google

Anonymous said...

Beautifull pics ;-) !

John said...

Youre so lucky, my wife and I wanted KAI to sing at our wedding, but we didnt know how to contact them.