Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Revo cable

I can't read upside-down or backwards. My brain just doesn't work that way. When facing someone who is reading something and they point at what they're reading without flipping it over, it is all gibberish to me. This is also why I was never good at cheating in school and just settled for using my brain. Every time I ride the shuttle, I look out the window where there is a sticker facing the outside. Every day I read what the sticker says in my head and wonder what it is actually saying. Something about the Revo cable permit expiring every 30 days or something. Every day I read this and wonder what a Revo cable is. Hmmm....maybe something under the bus? Maybe that's why the bus was always so bumpy, the cable expired. Today there was a large accident which caused a huge backup and we spent a much longer time on the shuttle. I finally decided I would actually voice my thoughts and asked the guys in the shuttle, "What is a Revo cable?" They looked out the window at the contruction sites and said, "Where are you looking?" I pointed at the sticker on the window that was facing outwards. "You mean...revocable?"

Ohhhhh...revocable permit. Yes, that makes much more sense.

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