Monday, May 09, 2005


I played racquetball for the first time ever in my life this weekend. There is something highly amusing and odd about hitting a ball as hard as you can in an enclosed room and running full speed towards a wall. My dad used to play a lot in college but that was nearly three decades ago. Some basic tips he gave me before we started...put on my goggles, try not to hit myself, and get out of the way. I got quite a workout trying to get to the ball in time but mostly trying to get out of the way. I fully expected coming home with bruises or a black eye but came home unscathed. Oh wait, I broke a nail.


Anonymous said...

Kimbalina, the extreme athlete! Some high risk sport: snowboarding, raquetball and country dancing.

Buttercup and JOHN-43 said...

hiiiiii, i did racquetball, for the frist time a few weeks ago, am from the uk, had a great time playing, didn't like the goggles. nice blog