Friday, April 01, 2005


I have been in a training course all week learning the advanced features of some pretty cool stuff. It's been awhile since I've been in a class environment again and although this time the class is with a bunch of working adults, some things about being in 'school' never change.

There is always the student who talks way too much and is always trying to trip up the instructor or prove them wrong. That person always sits at the very front of the class. There are the slackers who sit in the very back who get up and walk around just about every 5 minutes. In this particular class, I have started to give them special names. There are the three guys who sit to my left. One of them wears dark rimmed classes, drives a VW bug with a license plate frame that has four pink bunnies on it and says, "You suck...and that's sad!" The guy who sits in the middle strongly resembles the head security guy in my new favorite movie, 'Princess Diaries 2'. The third guy who sits directly to my left...I like to call him Burpmonster. Why? Because he seriously burps about every other minute and I don't think he realizes it. There is one girl who likes to get on the instructor's nerves and they sit there and go at it for a few minutes every couple of hours. The guy who sits behind me had some flatulence issues yesterday and wasn't very sneaky about it.

The instructor is a character in herself. I really like her. As mentioned previously she refers to pudding quite often. Today she came into class wearing a bright orange suit and keeps saying, "What can orange do FOR YOU???"

Ahhh...the joys of being back in school.

My fellow classmates know that I work on Blogger and one of them has actually asked me if I would blog about the class...if any of you have found!


Adam Lasnik said...

> The guy who sits behind me had some flaggalation issues yesterday and wasn't
> very sneaky about it

Um, Kimbalina, how sneaky can guys be with whipping themselves and such? It's not the sort of thing easily hidden! Plus, dang, I'd think it'd be awfully noisy and distracting, all that S&M play in the middle of your class.

Then again, uh, wait a minute... what sort of class is this??????!

kimbalina said...

So...that guy wasn't 'flaggalating'...I'm an idiot and don't know how to spell. Basically he was farting...OOPS!

Adam Lasnik said...


I'm confident you're far from an idiot (er, I don't know where you live, but unless you and I are neighbors, you are far from me), and I knew exactly what you meant. I was just being silly :-)

By the way, now that you've publicly noted that your classmate was flatulating not flaggelating, you might enjoy this song (from the Bungee Jumpin' Cows).