Friday, April 08, 2005

Remember when...

A couple of days ago, Nicole and I were hanging out and I was looking through some of the pictures she had stored on her computer. As I was doing this, she pulled out our old high school yearbook from our senior year and started looking through it. I was so intrigued, I sat down to join her and it was amazing how many memories came flooding back. We have been friends since middle school and despite the years, distance, and other factors, have remained friends this entire time and have grown even closer. We flipped to the back of her yearbook and found the entire color markered and stickered page I had taken up writing to her in her yearbook. I referred to countless 'inside jokes' that even as I read them could not put together. As I read it, I couldn't help but smiling not recognizing my own writing or the code language I wrote to her in. We sat there together laughing hysterically as we collectively recalled what each code word stood for. "Jeanman" was what we named our Junior year Economics teacher after he came into class wearing jeans and a matching denim shirt. I had a 'special voice' and impression that I almost perfectly replicated from one of our teachers. Our geometry teacher was an ex-military man and made us call out coordinates using the miltary alphabet. I can actually still remember most of this alphabet...alpha, bravo, charlie, delta, echo foxtrot... Our fake city that we created for another class was named "Sticker City"... Sitting there reminding each other of stories and events from over the years was both funny, nostalgic, and heart warming.

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Nicole said...

aw, I feel so special!

We laugh about the stickers now, but you know everyone was envious of the cute, colorful notes filled with stickers :)