Saturday, April 16, 2005

Geeked out

I was sitting on my bed and heard some beeping last night. So I checked my phone...nada. Checked my Zire...nada. My laptop was plugged in and on my lap, so not there. So I got out of bed, picked up the other laptop (mac)....nada. Looked at my stereo, still no beep. Picked up my bag and scooped out the two additional cell phones I have in there and finally found the source.

How sad that I have that many gadgets/electronics that I can't figure out what is beeping at me.


Anonymous said...

You are definitely a gaget-gal. So many toys!

Adam Lasnik said...

Two ADDITIONAL cell phones? You have three cell phones? Why on earth...?

Anonymous said...

Who is this cute chic and what the heck is she eating?