Sunday, December 26, 2004

Lễ Đính Hôn

Cake Cutting
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I'm engaged...again. We are officially engaged in the eyes of our families. Yesterday, on Christmas Day, we had our official Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony, also known as Lễ Đính Hôn.

According to tradition, the groom's family asks the bride's family for permission for their son to ask for their daughter's hand in marriage.

Yesterday, Bertrand's family brought gifts called "quả" containing fruit, tea, special cake, and jewelry wrapped in red paper along with a roasted pig. His family walked down the street to the my parent's home holding these packages while walking in a single file line. My family welcomed them at the door. Bertrand's mom stated the family's reason for coming and asked my parents for permission for him to have my hand in marriage. After some prayer and singing, my mom came upstairs to bring me out for the ceremony. Our pastor shared some words of wisdom and Bertrand's mom gave and put jewelry on me. Both sides of the family then introduced all of the relatives and told Bertrand and me what we are now supposed to call them. According to tradition, after the ceremony, we are each officially a part of the other's family. I now call his mom, "Má" (Mom) and he calls my parents "Ba" and "Mẹ" (Dad and Mom). After the ceremony, my dad invited all of the guests to join us in a small reception where the families got to socialize and celebrate.

It was great to have all of our family and close friends together with us not only to celebrate Christmas but to join in the celebration of our engagement.


tine said...

Yipee, your dress turned out pretty! You look absolutely beautiful, too! I'll talk to you when I get back from vacation. =) Happy New Year!

tony said...


and man, your parents look younger than some of my friends!

michelleloeppky said...

Hi. I am a canadian girl dating a vietnamese man. Today my boyfriend told me that his parents were thinking about meeting my parents to ask them about marriage. I was so confused about this custom and I did a google search and read your blog. It makes more sense now. Thank you! :D