Sunday, August 01, 2004


A lot of fun was had when I went to Paramount's Great America, a roller coaster theme park, with some friends yesterday. I hadn't been there in about five or six years and was nervous with anticipation as we walked into the park and heard all the screams from the people on the roller coasters. I spent the entire day screaming my lungs out and laughing until my stomach muscles couldn't handle it. On the ride Invertigo, every two rows were set to face each other during the ride. My brother sat facing my friend and I, and it took him almost 20 minutes after the ride to recover from his laughing fit from watching the two of us scream and cry to our death. After our long day, we went to the awesome Michael W. Smith and MercyMe concert. Today, I am suffering from a hoarse throat from all my screaming, laughing, and singing.

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