Thursday, January 16, 2003

Games = Fun!

I have this new obsession over games....board games....card games....They are just so much fun! Games bring people together to enjoy each other's company, enjoy a little competition, and a lot of laughs. The obsession over games seems to have caught on not only with me, but many others. =) My roommates and I get together for a competitive game of NERTS on occasion, staying up late and laughing together. And who could have forgotten the night that we played Pictionary and Sharene and I lost by 1 point to Alden and Dan's "White Men Can't Jump." I have a group of friends who are obsessed, and when I say obsessed, I really do mean obsessed over Scrabble. They play night and day, practicing and thinking of new words for the next time that they play. After Christmas, I went to a Conference where games were also a big hit during free time. I learned so many new card games, played Guesstures, Spoons, Thirteen, but my most favorite game of all....Taboo. Taboo is seriously the best game ever...and so much fun! The point of the game is to have your teammates guess the word that is on your card without saying the word itself, or several other key words that are listed on the card. This past weekend, I went to a dinner where afterwards we played Taboo. Not just any Taboo....ELECTRONIC TABOO!!! I've always loved Taboo....but electronic Taboo??? How much better can things get? =) No cards to get in the fighting over points because it keeps track electronically...and there is music playing to make it even more nerveracking. In order to win a game like that, you need to have a really good team. I had the best partner ever! We could practically read each other's minds and ruled the game. Ohhhh yeah.... ;). So yes....I have found a new obsession and hobby to put my time into. =)

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Anonymous said...

I agree! Electronic Taboo is the best! Unfortunately, it is no longer in production and you can't find it anywhere. I used to play this game in college with my roomates. We were all VERY competitive and loved this game. Please help me find Electronic Taboo.

Fremont, CA