Tuesday, January 28, 2003

I think too much. I really enjoy just sitting around and having my mind wander and be filled with random thoughts. I am definetly a people person and enjoy being around others, but I also value my alone time. Sometimes it's so nice to just be able to sit and think. I can entertain myself for hours, just recalling old memories or playing back events that have happened to me. Sometimes in class, I will bust out laughing for no apparent reason, only because I will think of a funny moment to keep myself awake. Poor poor people around me....heehee....The bad part about these random outbursts, is that once I start laughing about something funny...I will think of other funny moments, and it never ends. :) At the end of the day, when I am lying in bed, I think about conversations that I've had with people or events that happened throughout the day. In my mind, it's more like watching a movie. I kind of rewind, and then playback the day and 'watch' as things unwind. Sometimes when I want to dream about something, before I go to bed I think about it a lot and try to daydream about it so that maybe...just maybe...when I fall asleep I will dream of it. I think that all of my thinking and daydreaming is a result of my brain needing an outlet from all of the problem solving and technical thinking that school and work bring.

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